Work-from-Home webinar series

If you're like us, you're stuck at home and trying to balance work, family, friends, and the overwhelming fear of the invisible threat that has turned our lives upside down. 
For the month of April, we're shifting gears to help you understand and manage the tools that can make this isolation more bearable; and let's be honest, you don't have anything else scheduled :-) 

April 22nd, 11am-Noon

When facing life’s most tragic events, it causes us to take note in a most surreal way. Similar to human nature, this pandemic we are facing impacts our business the same way, fear firsts, action (or lack) of second. Both make sense when we think of it as fear of the unknown, unrest or insecurity.

Ultimately, this will challenge us all to do our very best decision making on some of the hardest life choice we will ever make… both personally and professionally.

Do we wait this out, should we shift our focus toward different products, services, or improved quality? Or should we shut the doors and cut our losses?

Shannon McCoy AKA Coach McCoy is an optimal performance coach, presenter and champion of invincibility mindset, focused on mission-driven organizations and leaders.

His professional background grew from Human Resource Management and into Organizational Development. He will address KEY DECISION we must make and why? He will also help us make these decisions reasonably, logically, and without regret?

April 9th -

Working from home securely.  Where's my stuff? 1pm-2pm.  Last 15 min are Q&A. Topics summary:  Focusing on the basics of telecommuting technology, accessing your data, file storage and transfer, phones and voice communication, HR and office policies, and of course, keeping it all secure.

April 10th -

On-line meetings and Microsoft Teams. 1pm-2pm.
You may already have the tools you need to be productive from home.  This seminar will be diving into Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and your home PC setup.  All the things you need to conduct on-line meetings and stay in touch with your staff.  We'll also cover best practices, Microsoft Planner, and other free tools at your disposal.  You'll leave an expert and ready to turn that web-cam into a productive device! 

April 13th -

Choosing your work-at-home hardware. 1pm-2pm. Last 15min are Q&A This seminar will help you scope out the hardware and services you need to work-at-home.  Wifi internet, and phone connectivity is just the beginning.  How to choose the best work-at-home hardware, services, ergonomics, and work space setup.  We'll touch on all of it.