We offer a wide range of services to meet the technology needs of your business:


·         Let us worry about your technology so that you can focus on your business. We will construct a service plan that meets the needs of your business. Since every business is different we customize these plans based on your needs and business goals. We can do everything for you or work with your existing IT staff in a support role. Call us to see how we can help you.



·         Keep your inbox SPAM and virus free.

·         Send secure encrypted email from your desktop.

·         Get your emails even when your in-house email server is down.



·         Keep your PC’s and servers virus free.



·         Keep your PC’s and servers data secure with a central backup system.

·         Send these backups off-site to protect your data against fire or theft.

·         Quickly recover a server or PC should they fail.



Servers / PCs / Networks / Printers

·         We sell all of the major brands Dell, HP, IBM. If you are looking for new systems we would love to give you a quote.

·         Expanding or moving into a new office? We can design your network and make sure that your branch offices are linked up securely and cost effectively.

·         We sell business class wireless systems that will handle the needs of your mobile workforce.


Phone Systems

·         We have an excellent VoIP phone system that is cost effective and scales from 5 to over 1000 handsets.