Personal Cybersecurity Protection Tips

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Blog, Newsletter, Security, Tech Tips

Cybersecurity isn’t something we leave behind when we leave the workplace. Protecting yourself and your family at home, with your technology and security habits. Here are some tips on how to bring cybersecurity defense into your personal life as well.

1. Manage your apps. Research apps before downloading and installing them. Regularly remove apps you no longer use.

2. Game safely. Don’t reveal your identity or sensitive information while gaming online. Implement parental controls for kids.

3. Set password requirements. Make sure your family knows how to create strong passwords or passphrases. Learn how to use a password manager to store and sync your credentials across devices.

4. Be safe on social media. Lock down your social media and practice good habits in what you post. Be careful about friending strangers.

5. Be wary of junk mail. Learn how to spot scams in your physical mail, like fake job offers and suspicious sweepstakes. Mail fraud is similar to email phishing and will often target older adults.