Cybersecurity threats are more prevalent then you may realize

We love our community because it is safe, but this safety and security do not carry over to the internet.

Just because your business is located in Southern Oregon doesn’t mean it isn’t a target for hackers across the world. If you have data like credit card information, medical records or other personal details stored electronically, cybercriminals from around the globe will find out about it; and if they think it holds some value, they’re going to try and take it. Tekmanagement provides secure IT solutions that provide peace of mind and allows you to focus on your business objectives.

Putting strong cybersecurity measures in place around your company’s data is the best way to stop your business from being targeted by hackers. Tekmanagement offers a comprehensive cybersecurity plan that will prevent a hacker from infiltrating your business and stealing your data.

Tekmanagement Security offers:

»  Network reporting– regular information on your network
»  Firewall implementation– ensures that viruses and intruders stay out of your office with our firewall in place
»  Content filtering– employees will be unable to visit unsafe or harmful websites
»  Malware prevention– viruses, trojans and other harmful bugs are blocked before infecting your network
»  Wi-Fi and 5G/4G/LTE services– safely use mobile devices in your office
»  Email– every email, attachment, and link is scanned before arriving in your inbox
»  Spam protection– harmful email will be filtered out before your employees can click on it
»  Audits – Security and regulatory audits for PCI and HIPAA performed as required by experts.
»  Updates – Current hardware and software are cornerstones of a safe computing environment.

We love living in a small town, but having a small-town mentality when it comes to your IT security leads to costly problems down the road. Let Tekmanagement provide your business with the protection it needs to stay safe, reduce downtime, and prevent unnecessary expenses.