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Your Business is BYOD

Mobile Apps Cater to Our Connected World

Fighting Images in Microsoft Word

Password Do’s and Don’ts

Business Continuity Tip –


had the opportunity to travel down to the
Apple campus in Cupertino last month. I was
very fortunate to be one of 10 companies
invited to talk with them. Just prior to
entering Apples Executive Briefing Center,
they had a long table of iPads with icons
for each of the iOS apps. These would update
downloads in real time. For every 100
downloads a ripple would start from that
icon. Pretty cool, and almost constant
ripples across the table. So what did I
learn from this experience? Apple has $156B
in revenues for FY2012 from the consumer
market. So when I asked them what they were
doing to make their products more business
friendly they were, not surprisingly,
reluctant to make any changes that would
impact their products consumer image in a
negative way. Bottom line is, lots of people
are using Apple products in their business
but that is not the primary market Apple is
trying to hit. I believe that we will see
more and more of these devices in your
businesses. If you are testing the waters or
have already jumped in we can help you with
some of the following:

  • Your wireless network will become much more
    critical and the little AccessPoints from
    Staples will not cut it anymore. We have
    business grade wireless solutions that deliver a
    stable robust wireless network.

  • Securing your devices and having an action plan
    should they be lost.

  • Location services using built in GPS so you can
    track where your devices are.
    Give me a call if you have mobile solutions that
    you are trying to implement. We would like to
    help you.

Scott – President, Tekmanagement Inc.

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Your business is BYOD. Now

used with
permission from HP Technology at Work


After serious consideration, you’ve allowed workers to BYOD (bring-your-own-device). They can now use their own laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets in the office and to conduct business after hours. Now it’s time to quickly swing into action and choose the right supporting technology and IT strategy for maximizing your productivity and network security.

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Mobile Apps Cater to Our
Connected World

Used with the
permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com 
by Kirsten Chiala


The future of mobile is faster and easier access to entertainment, shopping, and socializing.

From shopping to socializing, consumers are demanding faster, and easier transactions and connections, and retailers and developers are listening. Cisco’s latest Mobile Visual Networking Index finds global consumer mobile data traffic grew an astounding 74% in 2012. It’s no wonder then; mobility is changing the way we buy things and the way companies sell them. That means for many brick and mortar businesses, the cash register, like the desktop, is headed for the history museum. As you’ve no doubt noticed, more retailers are moving to purchase systems that allow them to sell anywhere, anytime, on handheld devices.


Fighting images in Microsoft


Remember this? You’re working on a document – maybe it’s a report for your sales meeting, a set of instructions for a client, or a promotional flyer – and you are trying to place an image. You’re bumping it down a few keystrokes at a time to get it perfectly situated between paragraphs or at the bottom of the page when suddenly it goes flying off, jumping to the top of the page or disappearing completely.

What happened?!


Password Dos and Don’ts

used with
permission from Norton by Symantec,
by Marian Merritt


There have been some well-publicized news stories of hacked websites where millions of user accounts and passwords were posted publicly. Can you imagine if you were one of those users affected? They likely had to hurry to change their credentials and make sure they didn’t use the same combination of email address and password on any other websites. Chances are these people, like many others, did use the same password for other accounts. Many people not only use the same password all over the Web, but they also choose weak and foolish passwords.

Here’s a list of some of the top password choices for millions of computer users:

Business Continuity Tip

Cybercrime Goes Mobile

Mobile devices have become an essential tool for everyday life. We check in for flights, make online purchases, access bank accounts, and connect to social media all on mobile-enhanced websites and newly developed applications.

The worldwide adoption of the smartphone has prompted cybercriminals to shift their focus toward mobile users and away from the traditional PC environment. According to Norton’s Cybercrime Report, 1 in 4 adults have been a victim of mobile and social cybercrime.

So what can we do to protect our mobile devices and guard our personal information? Use the tips below to keep your smartphone safe and secure.

  • Regularly update your operating system for security patches.
  • When you enter a website (especially financial) make sure that “https” appears in the address bar, which means connection is secure.
  • Turn the Bluetooth function off after using it. It is another way unknown applications or viruses can access your cell phone.

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