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November 2014

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What Data are You Willing to Lose?

Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Support Is

7 steps for safer surfing

Business Continuity Tip –

Business Continuity Tip
Unexpected Weather Conditions

Recently, 7 feet of snow hammered the southern part of Buffalo, NY. With an average
snow fall of over 3-5 inches an hour, many residents were left with little to no
time to prepare.

Click here to see the incredible photos.

This type of sudden event and those like last year’s southeastern snow storm
that left thousands stranded on major highways are excellent reminders that the
time to prepare is always before the storm. Here are some tips
to help you get ahead of an unexpected storm:

  • Hold a meeting to ensure you and your employees know how to respond and
    communicate in such an event.
  • Update your recovery plan today, including important contact information.

  • Pack a winter emergency kit for your car.
    Encourage your employees to do
    the same.

Learn more tips on how to prepare:

Download the Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist.

 What to Take When You Evacuate.

for Laughs
of the Month

We are continually faced with a series of
great opportunities brilliantly disguised as
insoluble problems.

John W.


Thanksgiving is almost here and I would like
to thank you, our valued clients, for doing
business with Tekmanagement this past year.

We have added two new employees to our
staff, Mark Savides and Max DeLallo. Both of
these gentlemen are on our Help Desk and
ready to address your needs via our remote
support tools.

We appreciate the ability to serve your
needs and will continue to grow and train
our staff to give you the excellent service
you deserve.

One of the articles in this month’s
TekReport talks about backup validation. For
those of you on our Gold and Managed Backup
Service Contracts we do a test restore to
ensure that your backups are functioning
properly. If backup integrity is a concern
for you and you are not on a contract please
send me an email. I will let you know how we
can address this concern for you.

Scott – President, Tekmanagement Inc.

Your comments are always welcome via email

What Data are You Willing to Lose?

used with permission from IBM ForwardView

Data may have always been the unsung hero at the heart of
businesses, but now more than ever it’s in the spotlight. Whether
being talked about in explosive terms, such as “data volumes
are increasing at a compound annual growth rate of sixty to
eighty percent,”1 or in the context of game
changing insights derived from big data and analytics, data
is making headlines.

What doesn’t usually appear in bold print or 140-character
tweets is what happens if that data isn’t there—if due to some
situation, your business data is lost; maybe only a few hours
or a day’s worth of data, but gone nonetheless.


Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Support Is Coming

used with permission from Microsoft


Your Opportunity for Transformation

In July 2010, Microsoft transitioned from
providing mainstream support for Windows Server 2003 to releasing
critical patches only. July 14, 2015 marks
another transition, this time the end of Microsoft support for
Windows Server 2003/R2. While this date may seem distant, now
is the time to understand that the end of support and the end
of life of Windows Server 2003 means that your business needs
to ensure that it has a plan to migrate the applications and
workloads currently relying on Windows Server 2003 onto Windows
Server 2012 R2  or Microsoft Azure.

Just to be clear, End-of-Support for Windows Server 2003

Read more

7 steps for safer surfing

used with permission from HP Technology at Work


might not think about it when you’re browsing the web, shopping
online and interacting on social media, but you are the first
line of defense against cyber security risks. The power to be
safe is in your hands, and at your fingertips. Developing and
maintaining good habits can make online activity much safer,
and more enjoyable for you and your colleagues.

The following
7 good habits take only minutes to learn. and are easy enough
to incorporate into your daily work life.

1. Create strong passwords

are usually the first, and sometimes only, protection against
unauthorized access. They are the keys to your online kingdom,
so keep these guidelines in mind.


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