Warning Signs of Phishing Emails

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Newsletter, Personal, Security

A phishing email is a malicious attempt to obtain your sensitive information by tricking you into believing the message is valid and opening it. Phishing attempts masquerade as legitimate or trusted entities, which makes them difficult to detect. Here are some warning signs you should be on the look out for:

  • The “From” email address is unofficial-looking, misspelled, or contains typos.

    The “From” email may also be different if you look into the email’s info, rather than just the display name.

  • Urgent action required.

    If the email is trying to scare or intimidate you, or rush you into action, be wary.

  • Hover your mouse over any links and check the URLs

    Before clicking a link, hover your mouse over it.  If the URLs do not match what you’d expect from the legitimate sender, don’t click.

  • Vague salutations

    The email may be addressed to “Valued Customer” or another generic salutation.

  • There are misspellings, typos, or grammatical problems

Don’t open attachments or click on links from emails that make you wary. Go directly to the legitimate entity’s website in your browser if you think you need to take action.

There’s lots more ways to avoid phishing scams, contact us to get help, and check out our other posts about personal security.

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