Give the Gift of (Free) Tech Support

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Blog, Tech Tips

Like presents and stockings, tech support comes in all shapes and sizes. And it’s not just us (IT companies) who can give the gift of tech support. Have you ever reset your parents’ modem over Thanksgiving weekend? Or walked your aunt through deleting the unused apps on her phone? If people tend to turn to you for fixes (or even if they don’t), there’s a lot you can share in the world of tech to make everyone’s season jolly.

For those of you who know and love the value of tech support, ‘tis the season to give it forward with these simple ways to do it for free.

Ways to Give Holiday Tech Support

Recommend articles and resources

Who doesn’t love getting cozy with some holiday reading? We all know ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’ but what about the tech edition from Technically Write It?

“Now M Dash, now Colon, now Hyphen and Ellipsis,

On Comma, on Apostrophe, on Bracket and Parenthesis;

To the top of the proxy! To the top of the firewall!

Dash away, hash away, slash away all!”

All joking aside, when you find a helpful tech article, share it! Whether it’s about the latest cybersecurity news or helpful password management tools, share it with others in your business circle who you think would benefit. If you need some quickies to pass along, here’s a stocking-full of our most-read Tekmanagement articles this year:

What’s the Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security?

Social Media Security: 6 Best Practices for Your Business

What Happens When a Business Fails to E-Recycle

Share when you spot a risk

If you get a spam email or text that was really tricky, let your business and friend circle know about it. Not everyone will be as spam-aware as you, and cyber criminals are always working on making their schemes look more and more legitimate. This time of year, be on extra alert for emails and texts about undeliverable packages and e-gift cards, and let your colleagues and coworkers know if you’ve received one so they can be on the lookout, too.

Get them to opt for automatic updates

You know what’s a real bummer over the holidays? Digital breaches of your private data. One of the best ways to thwart those cyber Krampuses is to update your software regularly. Most updates have new security measures and repairs to thwart cyber criminals and their hacking programs. Those updates are like reinforcing your chimney after Santa knocked out a few bricks sliding down. So encourage your coworkers and loved ones to update regularly, or even better, set up automatic updates.

Pass along a password manager

Sorry Uncle Phil, but “123456” is not a secure password. Sadly, it’s still being used by 23 million account holders. Too many people still have poor password habits that make it super easy for hackers to access data that doesn’t belong to them. So what can you do? Recommend a password manager to those who argue “It’s too hard to remember all my passwords if I make them different!” Here’s an article we wrote last year about the what’s and why’s of using a password manager. Feel free to pass it along, or even recommend your own favorite management tool.

Refer an IT company

If you work with an IT company you love, sing it from the rooftops! A referral is the best gift you can give to both the recipient and your IT provider. While everyone’s needs are different, a full-service provider will be able to customize a plan and get your colleague, friend, favorite organization, or business partner the support and coverage they need. 

In December, we’re bringing back our annual referral bonus! When you refer another business to Tekmanagement, we’ll donate $50 to the local organization we’re partnering with for the season. Referred businesses must be in Southern Oregon, and have 10+ employees. Just tell them to drop your name when they call us at (541) 779-4777.

Be a good tech neighbor this holiday season 

Share the digital love and give peace of mind for holidays. You’ll be doing a good deed (we hear Santa really likes that) and earning tech savvy points with your colleagues and coworkers. And encourage them to pay it forward too! The digitally-safer we are as a community, the less we attract cyber criminals and the easier we can all rest and enjoy the holidays.