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March 2015

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What to Do in the Event of a Major Data
Are you feeling disconnected?
5 ways to reduce distractions in the
workplace and get more done
Business Continuity Tip

Business Continuity Tip
Too Early to Prepare for Spring?

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow—prompting the chatter that winter will be with
us for an additional 6 weeks. And while the accuracy of Phil’s predictions may be
questionable, the fact remains it’s never too early to plan for what’s ahead.

As we’ve seen over the years, the best time to prepare for severe weather—and
any disaster for that matter—is always before they occur. Use these next few weeks
(granted to us by Phil) to get a head start on what lies ahead this spring with

these free spring preparedness tools
including, flood preparedness,
tornado preparedness, and tips for preparing for other spring weather.

for Laughs
of the Month
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a
fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will
live its whole life believing that it is stupid.


This month’s newsletter focuses on security. I know
that this is very important to those of you who are
required to comply with either


regulations. News Flash: We have a new,
updated support agreement to address specific
elements of the HIPAA Security Rule. We feel this
will better align our services with your needs. If
you need help addressing your security compliance
needs or just want to see what your security risks
are today give me a call to setup an appointment.

Scott – President, Tekmanagement Inc.

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What to Do in the Event of
a Major Data Breach

used with permission
from Norton by Symantec
Nadia Kovacs

Stories of massive corporate data breaches in the media are
becoming all too common today. So common that the FBI now considers
cyber attacks on US companies one of its top law enforcement
priorities. Unfortunately, as technology progresses and all
of our information becomes more and more digitized, cyber attacks
will continue to be an unfortunate part of our lives in the
future. Corporations and even smaller businesses are an extremely
attractive target to cybercriminals, simply due to the large
payday of data that can be stolen.

What Can Cybercriminals Do With My Stolen Data?

The main reason that cybercriminals are stealing personal
information is for use in identity theft. The

FTC reports
that 9 million identities are stolen in the
United States every year. Sometimes, all it takes is a name,
social security number and date of birth to commit credit card
fraud, mortgage scams, utility scams, and empty bank accounts.
Pay attention to your regular utility bills and bank statements.
If you suddenly start to notice erratic activity on your accounts,
this can be a red flag that your identity has been stolen.


Are you feeling disconnected?
used with permission
from HP Technology at Work

These days, a notebook without an internet connection is
like a bicycle without pedals. You can still use it, but you
won’t get very far. That’s why it’s all the more frustrating
when you lose your wireless internet connection and your IT
department or helpful officemate aren’t there to provide a quick

A savvy user, however, doesn’t have to be at the
mercy of other people’s schedules. With a few simple troubleshooting
tips—and a basic understanding of how your wireless network
is set up—you can easily take care of many common issues
yourself and quickly return to peak productivity. Here’s how

Looking for trouble

Fixing your wireless internet connection is in large
part a process of elimination. You need to check each link in
the chain that takes you online and determine which link is—or
is not—causing the issue. For most environments, you’ll
find the problem in one of these four areas:

Read more

5 ways to reduce distractions
in the workplace and
get more done

used with permission
from Microsoft at Work

Having easy access to sites like Facebook on all our devices
makes us all prone to higher levels of distraction. The Internet—and
social media in particular—makes it all too easy to lose two
minutes here, another 10 minutes there. Not to mention the time
it takes to get back into the task we abandoned to check on
the latest Buzzfeed cat video or read through a former high
school classmate’s political rant.

But your present self can fight your future self—and win—when
it’s most important.

Shut off the Internet

Productivity temporarily surges after taking a break, but
constant mini breaks—checking news headlines here, Facebook
there—are detrimental to getting work done. 57 percent of work
interruptions come from social networks, text messages, and
, a $10 computer app, blocks the Internet for up
to eight hours at a time and forces you to restart your computer
if you want to get back online. The app is Windows, Mac, and
Android compatible, so you can use it across devices. Not ready
to go so extreme? Its sister app,Anti-Social, blocks sites that
lead down the unproductive rabbit hole, like YouTube and Twitter,
while letting you remain online for research.



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