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May 2015

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Methods for searching your email in Outlook
Start Here with Windows 10
Create your email signature in Outlook 2013
Business Continuity Tip

Business Continuity Tip
9 Ways to Prepare for Spring Weather

It’s important to prepare before a big storm hits. And while the importance of
heeding this advice is always in good fashion, it couldn’t be more true during
springtime. Here’s why.

Unlike the arctic storms of winter, or hurricanes of summer, the severe weather
that manifests during spring, such as flooding and tornadoes, are some of the
most unpredictable weather disasters that occur. Often, these events only offer
a few moments notice before they strike, leaving those who are unprepared at
serious risk.

Head into the spring season with confidence by downloading Agility’s whitepaper
containing the

9 Ways to Prepare for Severe Spring Weather. You’ll learn: How to ensure
you have proper insurance, how to ready your office for spring weather, key
things to consider as spring weather approaches, and more!

for Laughs
of the Month
It there is anything that a man can do well,
I say let him do it. Give him a chance.

Abraham Lincoln

I just got back from a great technology and business
conference in Dallas. I had an interesting
presentation from one of the engineers at OpenDNS.
They have a product called OpenDNS Umbrella for
business. This product does a great job adding an
external layer of protection against malicious or
infected websites. It also monitors your PC’s and
can alert you when one of your PC’s is infected and
trying to reach its control server on the internet.
Their product was able to prevent crypto locker
infected PC’s from downloading the final payload
that would have encrypted one clients PC’s. This
client said it saved them an estimated 12 hours of labor to
reload the PC’s and recover data from backups had they not had OpenDNS.
This is not a replacement for antivirus nor your
firewall. It is that additional layer of defense to
keep your business safer.

If you would like to add an additional layer of
protection this is a great product and I would be
happy to talk with you more about how it would help
your business.

Scott – President, Tekmanagement Inc.

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Methods for searching your
email in Outlook 2013

Do you have thousands of emails stored in your Outlook account?
Do you sometimes need to find the one email from five months
ago that mentions the access key for a software program you
didn’t think anyone was still using?

We all have times when we need to dig through the haystack
of email to find the needle. This can be very challenging even
if you carefully manage emails with folders and categories.

Here are some tips for searching your Outlook email!

How search works

The search bar sits in the upper right of the mailbox or
folder you are looking at. For example, if you are simply looking
at your inbox, it appears like this:


Start Here with Windows 10
used with permission
from Microsoft for Work

Windows 10 is the productivity software that individuals
and corporations have been asking for. It has been built collaboratively
with customers, and embraces its history while learning from
the past to create something that’s both functional and familiar.
With this combination, Windows 10 is the operating system that
takes us from the modern day into the future.

The different facets of Windows 10 fall into three categories:
what’s back, what’s familiar, and what’s new.

What’s back?

The Start menu is back—and it features some of the coolest,
most useful improvements. Rather than just bringing the Start
menu back, we revisited the idea and also made it more functional.

Read more

Create your email signature
in Outlook 2013

Your email signature can provide helpful information (your
name, company, contact details, and sometimes more) to recipients.
You can quickly and easily set up multiple automatic email signatures
in Outlook 2013!

To create a new email signature

  1. Click the File tab at the top of your


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